Hunton Creek Outfitters

Wyoming Big Game Hunting

58 Jackrabbit Rd.

Wheatland, WY 82201

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Fees & Seasons

Non-resident License Fee Schedule (Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. Fees)


Deer/ Antelope combo 5-day price: $7,995.00/ea.

spot & stalk hunting/ Shots typically range 100-300

Deer 5-day hunts $5,995.00/ea.

Elk 5-day hunts $7,495.00/ea.

spot & stalk hunting, elk usually still in rut

Antelope 3-day hunts $2,595.00/ea. Special tag is $538.50 extra

Archery Antelope 3-day hunts $2495.00/ea. Special tag is $538.50 extra

rustic and comfotable cabin camp on ranch
***clients will need a sleeping bag and pillow
hunting from blinds at water holes
shots range from 10-45 yds.
we recommend that clients use an SUV or truck to drive to camp
we recommend that clients bring a cooler to transport meat
meat may be donated, but client pays cost of processing

Non-resident License Fee Schedule (Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. Fees)

  • These are 2x1 hunts add $2000 for 1x1
  • Not included
  • Deer lic. $374
  • Elk Lic $1268
  • 5 day hunts
  • Lodging Tax $24.30,
  • Meal tax $7.50,
  • ConservationStamp $12.50
  • 3 day antelope
  • Lic $614
  • Lodging tax $16.20
  • Meal tax $4.15
  • Stamp $12.50
  • Observers are $1500 extra


Our antelope seasons begin in early October. Hunts are 3 days, fully outfitted. We hunt 4 different areas for antelope and each is equal in its production of trophy antelope. Our ranches are managed to produce high numbers of antelope, and great buck to doe ratios. Antelope hunts are exciting and very affordable; they can also be combined with any other big game hunt. Many of our clients choose to hunt with archery equipment and our ranches have consistently produced fantastic archery trophies for many years. Our ranches have very high concentrations of antelope, and our blind locations are perfectly situated to afford our clients the best possible chance at a close range shot.

Mule Deer

Mule Deer hunts begin in early October and run throughout the month. Our ranches have earned a reputation for quality trophy mule deer. We specialize in trophy Mule deer/antelope combination hunts, and manage our ranches to maintain good genetics, and produce some great trophies. Mature bucks can often be spotted from a 4-wheel drive and then a careful stalk is planned to get the client within a comfortable range.


Elk Hunts begin in Early October, the first of which is a rifle hunt in the peak of the rut. The elk on these big ranches are around all year long, these are not migrating elk. The quality feed and lack of hunting pressure on the ranches provides a safe area for many elk. Often bulls can be spotted from the 4-wheel drive, then a stalk can be planned. Our ranches support large herds of elk, and selective harvest has resulted in the taking of some great bulls by our clients.

In addition to the hunts briefly described above, we also offer hunts for Merriam turkey, and waterfowl hunting. If you would like more information about any of these other activities, please call us or send us an email.